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Do Scouts and Video Games Mix?


My guess is the answer is an emphatic Yes!

How about we put that to the test?  It was recommended in our summer planning session to end the summer with a play time at Tornado Terry’s!  What is this?  Basically it is a classic video arcade with a price for admission only and additional charges per game.  The kids get to play to their heart’s content in the Free Zone(or more likely until the parent decides to head home).

When:  Saturday, August 20 at 400 PM until???  Come earlier if you want to get in a full day of games!

Family Amusement Center
4530 Keller Hicks Rd
Keller, TX 76244

Costs:    $15 per person playing and that include about 80% of the games offered there

Who?    Family friendly for ages 6 and up, so invite your friends who might want to enjoy scouts this next year!

Let me know if we can expect you!

Note, they say you can see everyone from the front in the snack bar, where there is free internet access and places to campout while the players play. Anyone not paying and wants to go in has to hear a Orange Vest.
They have snacks and things to drink.

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