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  • VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES ABOUND IN PACK 386! Let Your Voice Be Heard and Your Skills Shine! If you see something interesting or have a particular talent our pack could utilize, please let someone know! Don’t worry about whether a position is currently open or even whether it already exists. If someone is currently performing a job you’re interested in, that person may be ready for a change or simply need some help. And if you can think of a position we don’t have, we’ll create one especially for you!


  • Work directly with leaders and committee members to make sure all dens are functioning well
  • Plan the den and pack programs with the help of other leaders
  • Lead the monthly pack meeting
  • Ensure den leaders receive the required training
  • Help establish and maintain good relationships with Boy Scout troops and parents
  • Recruit den leaders and committee members

Assistant Cubmaster

  • Assist the Cubmaster as needed
  • Be ready to fill-in for the Cubmaster if necessary
  • Participate in pack leaders’ meetings
  • Help inform pack leaders of training and arrange for them to attend training sessions
  • Work with the Cubmaster and pack committee to get the pack re-chartered
  • Assist in pack activities such as dinners, derbies, bike safety workshops, service projects, etc.

Den Leader

  • Work directly with other den and pack leaders to ensure their den is an active and successful part of the pack
  • Plan, prepare for, and conduct den meetings with the assistant den leader
  • Attend the pack leaders’ meetings
  • Lead the den at the monthly pack activity Den Info August

Assistant Den Leader

  • Assist the den leader during den and pack meetings as needed
  • Be ready to fill in for the den leader in case of emergency
  • Work in harmony with other den and pack leaders Den Info

Committee Chair

  • Advise Cub Master on policy matters
  • Call & preside over monthly leaders’ meetings
  • Assign duties to committee members
  • Form new dens as needed


  • Help establish a pack budget plan
  • Maintain the pack’s bank account and an inventory of pack’s property
  • Report the pack’s financial condition at monthly pack leaders’ meetings
  • Approve all budget expenditures
  • Reimburse pack members for expenditures

Training Director

  • Coordinate Fast Start training for new adult leaders
  • Promote leaders’ attendance at training courses, monthly roundtables and leader pow-wows
  • Work with the Cubmaster and pack committee to setup a program for training parents
  • Develop a pack library for use by leaders

Public Relations Director

  • Stimulate pack service projects in the school and community
  • Promote family participation in all pack events
  • Work with the pack committee to promote new membership
  • Provide pack announcements for release in the Keller Citizen and Hidden Lakes Elementary bulletins
  • Make use of the news media in publicizing pack events

Outings Coordinator

  • Help the Cub Master plan and arrange outdoor activities for the pack
  • Arrange for property, fire, and tour permits when required
  • Locate new picnic areas
  • Arrange for safe transportation when needed
  • Plan first aid for emergencies
  • Plan summer outings to help qualify for the National Summertime Pack Award

Information Technology Director

  • Assist PackMaster ME users with software, hardware, and procedural questions
  • Evaluate software and advise the pack committee on usefulness
  • Develop and document procedures for software being used by the pack
  • Investigate improving existing procedures

Membership & Registration Chair

  • Secure registration papers, signatures, and fees for the upcoming year
  • Work with the Cubmaster and pack committee to develop and carry out a plan for year-round membership growth
  • Arrange for the annual membership inventory and pack re-charter

Advancement Chair

  • Have a working knowledge of the Cub Scout advancement plans
  • Maintain up-to-date information on membership, leadership, and advancement with PackMaster ME
  • Purchase necessary awards before each pack meeting
  • Work with the Awards Chair to prepare awards for presentation

Awards Chair

  • Help present awards at monthly pack meeting
  • Help plan and conduct advancement recognition ceremonies

Special Awards Chair

  • Work with the Advancement and Awards Chair to design special awards for dens, den leaders, committee members, events, etc.
  • Create any special awards
  • Create Advancement name-boards for all new Scouts


  • Keep the pack informed by updating the pack Web site on a weekly basis
  • Maintain web hosting account information (DNS, contacts, credit card, etc.)
  • Renew domain name when necessary (

Newsletter Coordinator

  • Work with den leaders and committee members to put together a monthly newsletter
  • Print and distribute the newsletter at monthly pack meetings
  • Work with the Webmaster to publish on the Pack 386 website


  • Take pictures of pack events and work with the Webmaster and Public Relations Director to publish them

Popcorn Sales Coordinator

  • Pickup popcorn sales packets
  • Present info to pack and distribute packets
  • Collect and copy completed popcorn forms
  • Pickup and distribute popcorn to den leaders
  • Collect money from den leaders for popcorn sales

Pinewood Derby Coordinator

  • Work with the pack committee to plan, organize, and run the Pinewood Derby
  • Recruit and coordinate volunteers to help put on the event
  • Schedule a place to have the derby and arrange for any necessary equipment (track, timer, etc.)

Blue & Gold Banquet Coordinator

  • Work with the pack committee to plan, organize, and manage the Blue & Gold Banquet
  • Recruit volunteers to assist with duties

Summer Camp Coordinator

  • Obtain registration papers, signatures, and fees for Summer Camp (usually in June)
  • Recruit adult volunteers to help chaperone
  • Schedule volunteer hours so that Adult-to-Cub ratio meets Scout requirements
  • Collect money and submit to Longhorn Council

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